Vapor Apparel Men’s UPF 50+ UV Sun Protection Performance Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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  • PERMANENT UPF 50+ UV SUN PROTECTION: The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends this fabric as an effective UV protectant only for covered areas. Sun damage happens whenever you are outside, and it accumulates over your lifetime. It can contribute to premature skin aging and skin cancer. The more skin you cover with UV and sun protection, the better! These UPF 50+ Sun Protection Long Sleeve tees protect you and your skin from the harmful UVA/UVB rays.
  • MOISTURE WICKING TECHNOLOGY – This 100% Microfiber Long Sleeve Shirt is powered by our proprietary PURE-tech Moisture Wicking Technology which effectively moves sweat away from your skin and onto the dry areas of the t-shirt so you can stay cool and dry throughout the day. This tee will absorb, evaporate, and quickly dry moisture all while remaining soft and breathable.
  • ADVANCED ODOR REPELLING TECHNOLOGY: Our M-Shield Anti-Odor technology keeps unpleasant body odors under control.
  • CASUAL & COMFORTABLE UNISEX SHIRT: Ditch those button down dress shirts and polos! Go for a comfortable long sleeved option instead. Our UV Protection Shirts are made of 100% performance microfiber which makes them lightweight and breathable. They are comfortable on your body and cool for running, fishing, swimming, hiking or any of your favorite outdoor activities.
  • EASY CARE: Wash them by hand or machine with cold water and hang dry. Our fabrics are quick-drying and therefore perfect for travel. Please do not use Fabric Softeners!

    Product Description

    At Vapor Apparel, we are fully dedicated to producing our active apparel with the most environmentally-concious practices possible. By relying on eco-concious methods like hydro-electric power and recycled materials, we maintain environmentally-responsible manufacturing processes and facilities. We try to limit the toll our production takes on the environment, resulting in efficient and sustainable production. We are LEED-Certified, and we do our best to provide each customer with high-quality, responsibly-made athletic apparel for the best value. In addition to our dedication to being eco-concious, we also strive to provide our customers with the highest-quality athletic clothing around. Our shirts maintain their color through countless washes and don’t require special care. With bold, resilient colors, each of our shirts will be around for years to come, giving you the best investment over time. Get the best solar shirt for your money and for your skin’s health as well.


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